SERES Brand Launch Conference & Unveiling Ceremony of SERES First Overseas Marketing Service Center
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SERES Brand Launch Conference & Unveiling 

Ceremony of SERES First Overseas Marketing Service Center 

Successfully Held in Morocco

At the local time of July 8th, at 8:00 p.m, with the theme of the "New Electric New Future" SERES brand Conference and the opening ceremony of overseas marketing service center were successfully held in Casablanca, Morocco. Zhang Xingyan, general manager of CHONGQING SOKON MOTOR (GROUP) IMP. & EXP. CO., LTD., attended the press conference and delivered a video speech. Zhou Ligang, sales director, representing CHONGQING SOKON MOTOR (GROUP) IMP. & EXP. CO., LTD., Ltd, attended the on-site activity. Mr. Li Changlin, the Chinese ambassador to Morocco, Mr. Guerraoui, the chairman of the Moroccan AMC company as our agent, some African distributors and more than 30 mainstream Moroccan Medias participated in the activity.



Since its bulk export to Germany in 2020, SERES has successively achieved massive sales in France, Italy, Spain, Israel and other countries. Morocco is the first stop of SERES brand's debut on the African continent. Zhang Xingyan, Chongqing Sokon Import and Export Co., Ltd, indicated that in the video: the release of the SERES brand in Morocco is a major breakthrough of the brand improvement and product upgrading of Sokon Group in Morocco, and the best timing for rapid establishment of the SERES brand foundation and talking over the market share. The construction of the marketing service center in Africa is the bridge and window for the high quality development of Sokon Group overseas market. It carries the determination of Sokon Group to dig deep into the overseas market and the confidence to gain more shares and stronger influence of the key markets. It also undertakes the responsibility for brand image shaping, product experiencing and regional trainings, after-sales services, communications and other tasks.


Chinese Ambassador to Morocco Mr. Li Changlin said at the event, that he was very pleased to be invited to participate in SERES Brand Launch Conference in Morocco, and the unveiling ceremony of its African Marketing Service Center. SERES is a representative NEV brand in China, and SERES hopes to bring more intelligent and competitive vehicles to Morocco. Sokon Group will continue to strive for a new phase of cooperation between China and Morocco in the field of automotive industry.

Mr. El Mouadden, General Manager of AMC Morocco, said at the event, as the general distributor of DFSK and SERES in Morocco, AMC has carried out in-depth strategic cooperation with Chongqing Sokon Import and Export Co., Ltd,. With the first step in expanding the new energy vehicle market in Africa, we are deeply honored and responsible for the development of new energy vehicles in the market. The establishment of the African Marketing Service Center will significantly close our distance with consumers, and the improved sales, after-sales, and training mechanism will also bring positive effects to the surrounding markets.

The launch of SERES brand in Morocco had attracted great attention from the media on site. After visiting SERES SF5 and taking a test drive, many of them were really impressed by SF5's fashionable appearance and driving experience.


The event also attracted great attention of the former Prime Minister of Morocco, Mr. Driss Jettou. During the preparation of the event, Mr. Jettou personally visited the Moroccan Marketing Service Center, highly praised to the establishment of the Marketing Service Center, and placed great hopes on the development of the SERES brand in Morocco.


The official operation of the Africa Marketing Service Center is the foundation and guarantee to realize the rapid response of users' demands, the quick solution of product problems, the intensive cultivation and the expansion and strength of overseas markets. In the future, Import and Export Company will become bigger and stronger in overseas markets,continuing to adhere to the "user-centric" and cultivation of markets and deepening strategic cooperation with partners to achieve mutual benefit and high-quality development.