DFSK Glory 580 Off-Line at Pakistan KD Plant
Brand Dynamic

On Sep. 25th, 2020 DFSK and its partner officially have held Glory 580 off-line ceremony in the bursts of applause and cheers after DFSK local Lahore plant finished assembling and testing the first-batch Glory 580.


Pakistan market has been always one of DFSK’s core markets, and DFSK has strengthened its cooperation with its local partner from earlier commercial vehicles entering to recent SUV model launch, starting from vehicle import to the local KD assembling. This year DFSK will focus on SUV promotion and the local assembling in this market according to the plan. 

However, the COVID-19 breaks out interrupting the cooperation project, i.e. postponed local SUV assembling. Pakistan government gradually unlocked and resumed the business after 6 months. 

On August 8th, 2020 DFSK technical team arrived at Pakistan and then help KD plant finish technology process planning at the plant, production line adjustment, equipment debugging and worker training with high-standard. Through more than one-month hard-working, against COVID-19 effect and hot-weather influence DFSK team together with local partner have finished assembling Glory 580 ready to deliver to the clients.

Glory 580 product specification, quality and DFSK team super striving spirit are well recognized by the local partner. In the ceremony everyone thumbs up for Glory 580 and DFSK technical team. 


Pakistan famous e-commerce & TV channel staff witness the ceremony and also test drive Glory 580. The first assembled Glory 580 has already been handed over to the customer and running on the road.    


On that occasion DFSK GM Zhang Xingyan sent the congratulation message to the local partner: 

firstly, extend the congratulations on Glory 580 off-line at Pakistan KD plant, then request to maintain the product quality and at the same time provide cost-effective product, promise to provide 24-h technical support& service at any time, lastly express that DFSK always stays with its partner, hand in hand to fight against the difficulties.