Glory 560 was Officially Launched in Peru
Brand Dynamic

“Autópolis” (an activity to exhibit models of different vehicle brands) in Peru with Glory 560. The appearance of Glory 560 has marked the official launch of a new member of the Glory’s family in Peru.


“Autópolis” is the first event in Peru regarding the vehicle brands evolution. Different brands will be exhibited in a parade of cars with their best historical models. Autópolis has drawn wide attention of local consumers. DFSK also took full advantage of this event to promote the launch of Glory 560.


The exhibiton of Glory 560 on Autópolis has successfully appealed a large number of DFSK fans. A lot of DFSK users have visited the launch activity and experienced the unique charm of Glory 560 through the close contact with this new member. After the event, the number of online participants has also raised a lot. They actively joined the interaction, expressing their own opinions through thumbs-up and comments, which has showed their concern and preference to Glory 560.


Due to the success in sales of Glory 330 and Glory 580, DFSK has planned to introduce new vehicle models to improve the product line in Peru. As a 7-seat SUV which is widely loved by consumers, Glory 560 has adopted a youthful design in its appearance. The new style will meet aesthetic needs of different consumers to a greater extend.

The launch of Glory 560 has drawn great attention of large groups of consumers. They came to experience the new model in succession and gave high praise to the appearance and performance of Glory 560, which has reflected that DFSK is a brand worthy to be trusted. DFSK always sticks to the core value of “everything for users”, providing products with a good quality and excellent service so as to establish the brand image and lay a solid foundation for the further expansion in overseas markets.