DFSK debuts several new energy vehicle models in Mexican market.
Brand Dynamic

Recently, DFSK and SERESrenowned brands of SERES auto, hosted a triumphant launch event in Mexico, unveiling a diverse range of new energy vehicle models. This historic occasion signifies DFSKs' maiden voyage into North American market for passenger vehicles. Nearly 20 secondary dealerships and esteemed partners joined forces to commemorate this pivotal moment, while over 20 local media outlets provided extensive coverage of the event. With the introduction of DFSK to the Mexican market, DFSK boldly embarks on a promising new chapter in its global expansion endeavors.


Among the models unveiled at this launch event, the DFSK E5 emerged as the flagship model for this year. Given the inadequate charging infrastructure in local area, this vehicle offers exceptional value for money and effectively meets the local demand for new energy vehicles. At the press conference, the DFSK E5 garnered favor and recognition from customers.


The successful launch of multiple new energy vehicles by DFSK in Mexico can be attributed to the DFSK New Energy Vehicle Americas Tasting held in Ecuador in December 2023. During the tasting, Mexican partners had the opportunity to personally experience the SERES 5 and E5. Impressed by the performance of these two models, they expressed keen interest and subsequently placed orders. This led to the successful organization of the launch event for the Mexican market.

With the successful launch of DFSK brands in Mexico, it symbolizes that the brands under DFSK are about to enter a new, high-speed development stage in the Mexican market.