More than 200 guests from 50 countries attended the 2023 SERES Group Overseas Business Conference
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On April 22, the 2023 SERES Group Overseas Business Conference was held in Chongqing, China. More than 200 guests from more than 50 countries and regions including Europe, Asia, America and Africa attended the conference. Chairman (the founder) Zhang Xinghai of SERES Group, Rotating Chairman Zhang Zhengping, and General Manager of the Overseas Business Department Zhang Xingyan attended the meeting to give on-site explanations and exchanges on the development of the overseas business of SERES.


The scene of the 2023 SERES Group Overseas Business Conference

Zhang Xinghai, the chairman (founder) of SERES Group, said that SERES is a global enterprise with an international vision. Under the national initiative of "The Belt and Road", it is constantly expanding its global business and pursuing global development. SERES is willing to work with overseas dealers and partners to adhere to innovation-driven, long-termism, and business success. In the era of "software-defines the vehicles", we will firmly serve users wholeheartedly, work together to seek global markets, and jointly achieve business success.


Chairman (the founder) Zhang Xinghai of SERES Group

Zhang Zhengping, the rotating chairman of SERES Group, released the group's overseas business plan on the spot. In the future, SERES will continue to deepen the transformation of new energy strategy along the overseas business strategic positioning of "base on China, take root in Europe, and go to the world". To give full play to Chinese industrial chain and manufacturing advantages, and carry out comprehensive development in terms of models, channels, services, etc. To cooperate with partners in the global markets.


Zhang Zhengping, the rotating chairman of SERES Group

The 2022 Overseas Business Outstanding Contribution Award of SERES was presented at the conference. Mr. Juan Felipe, the representative of the distributor in Peru who won the gold award, shared the excellent performance of the SERES brand in 15 regions in Peru: "We were able to succeed in the highly competitive Peruvian market, thanks to the help of SERES and the manufacturing strength of smart factory. In the future, we will continue to introduce more products of SERES into the market."


Zhang Xinghai took a photo with the distributor who won the Gold Award for Outstanding Contribution to Overseas Business

Before the official start of the meeting, the dealers visited the SERES Automobile Smart Factory and learned in detail about the automobile production process in the four major workshops of stamping, welding, painting and final assembly. During the visit, the robotic arm was flying in the smart factory, and more than 1,000 intelligent robots automatically completed production tasks, collaborated efficiently with workers, and completed the manufacturing and installation of various car parts with high quality. Marveling at the 100% automation of multiple processes and key processes in the smart factory, many dealers stopped in the welding and assembly workshops to carefully observe the production process and production process.


Overseas dealers visited the SERES Smart Factory

In the product experience session, more than ten models of SERES and DFSK, two export brands under SERES, were collectively unveiled. The dealers responded enthusiastically, and there was an endless stream of test-driving vehicles at the road test pass, and the vehicles speeding at high speed on the test road also attracted bursts of cheers from time to time. "This vehicle is so good, I want to try it again!" Mr. Carlos, a distributor from Chile, said excitedly after experiencing SERES 5, an overseas new energy strategic model.


Overseas dealers scrambled to take various models of SERES for a test drive


Overseas dealers had a test drive on site

With the development of global electric vehicles, China has become the world's largest exporter of new energy vehicles. Taking this as an opportunity, SERES continues to expand the upstream and mid-stream industrial chain, enriching the export categories of automobiles, and has formed a rapid export growth trend. As of 2022, SERES has exported nearly 500,000 vehicles in total, and the export markets have reached more than 70 countries and regions. In 2023, SERES will continue to expand overseas markets. In January of this year, SERES 5, a high-end intelligent new energy strategic model under SERES, was unveiled at the 100th Brussels Motor Show, and signed contracts with more than 20 partners, making the globalization of new energy vehicle strategy a step further.

Thanks to its comprehensive efforts in technology, software, products, channels, intelligent manufacturing, quality, and services, SERES already has the strength to move forward into a leading new energy vehicle company. The successful convening of this overseas business conference once again demonstrates the determination of SERES to adhere to global development. In the future, SERES will accelerate the construction of a global system layout, join hands with partners to explore new markets, accelerate the expansion of global sales channels, and help Chinese auto brands go global.